Smoothe Da Hustler

Every now and then an entertainer emerges who is both prolific and innovative within the realm of their art form, and this rings true for pioneering Brownsville, Brooklyn rapper, Damon Smith, known to the world of Hip-Hop as Smoothe Da Hustler.As the moniker says it all,smith has always been in an elite squadron of Brooklyn emcees, having come up with the Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z, and known for his sheer ability to maneuver through a maze of talentless rappers.
His quick-witted wordplay, mathematical accounts of the hustle game, alongside his impeccable knack for conveying the depiction of street life in a way that even the most suburban of individuals would have a clear and concise understanding of what it is like to grow up on the other side of the track, is what has not only garnered Smith pioneering status, but has inveterate his fate in the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame.Fresh off the block with his A-Side ‘Hustlin’,’-pressed up as an Independent record under the SMG imprint (Smith and his manager, Rafiq, were doing this long before creating independent record labels was even popular), Smith gained...

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